Make sure your business is compliant with the new legislation regards data protection & cctv systems.

At Tillspy we can provide a comprehensive service to ensure your business complies with the new GDPR rules. 

Our Services include the following and can be curated to suit your individual business needs.


Annual CCTV Audit & Risk Assessment

Annual audit is carried out on your CCTV systems to ensure compliance with the GDPR. All cameras are itemised, categorized , intended viewing areas and the purpose of the surveillance.

Password Policy

Six monthly change of all CCTV passwords/ online passwords. Best practice password use controlled by Usee.

Cyber Security & Firmware/Software updates

Full site asset list with all sites monitored and updated to latest firmware and security patches as required and recommended by the manufacturers of your systems. 

CCTV Footage Retrieval - Data Controller

Usee controls all video evidence requests and becomes the Data controller for your business. All footage requests are dealt with and approved by Tillspy, including law enforcement requests. Full audit trail of evidence retrieval, Cloud storage & full locked down off site backup - All footage is stored in the jurisdiction.  


Full report to comply with your data policy at year end on all footage retained, shared and provided to the Gardai or other government agencies.


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